#AllezCulture – Securing the future of digital cultural heritage in Europe

Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission and Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, talks innovation and explains why she believes that Europeana is important for the cultural heritage sector and the creative industries. Activate 'captions' to view with subtitles


Keep supporting Europeana, the Europeana Network and our projects' future funding


Update - 1 November 2013

Thank you for all of your tremendous and impressive efforts for the #AllezCulture campaign over recent months. This has been hugely important in helping to persuade decision-makers in Brussels of the case for funding digital cultural heritage.

The petition we launched in June closed with well over 7,500 signatures and hundreds of valuable and inspiring comments.

Thank you also for the work that you have done to express support for and demonstrate the value of Europeana at a national level via your cultural and governmental institutions.

Your efforts have had a real and direct impact in building support for our cultural heritage related projects and Europeana in the European Parliament and the European Council, who have now recommended funding guidelines that reflect the nature of our work and that allow us to apply for funding.


Europeana infrastructure diagram – CC BY-SA

Next steps

Even though we have completed stage one of our campaign to help secure the future of digital cultural heritage in Europe, we still need your continued support to secure the funding. It is essential that we keep the momentum of the #AllezCulture campaign going and that the EU institutions, its policy-makers and politicians are aware of the value of digital cultural heritage and the work that is done through Europeana.

To make sure this happens, we need you to raise your voice and share your positive examples of the value that Europeana and cultural heritage provides to your organisation and your audiences.

What can you do now?

1. Find examples of the value of Europeana and digital cultural heritage to your organisation and your audiences and tweet them using #AllezCulture, blog about them on your own channels and join the #AllezCulture Facebook group to let us know about your efforts.

2. Tweet about the messages: Europeana connects Europe; Europeana makes Europe's culture available to everyone; Europeana supports economic growth using our dedicated hashtag #AllezCulture, and retweet our messages under #AllezCulture.

3. Join the #AllezCulture Facebook Group and use it to keep us up-to-date with what you have done or, if you're not on Facebook, send us an email at AllezCulture@europeana.eu Knowing what you are doing means we can use your efforts to inspire others.

4. Please read the leaflet 'Europeana - the case for funding' and promote its messages in any way you can. Translate, distribute, publish and blog the document or its messages to your network and contacts.

Why do we need your help?

From 2015 onwards, Europeana's funding is to come from the European Commission's Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). However, in early February 2013, a massive budget cut for this scheme was proposed (see e.g. http://euobserver.com/news/118998), taking the budget for broadband and digital services from 9 billion euros to just 1 billion.

Europeana and the related projects many of you create and run currently cost 30 million euros per year. We will not get this amount but should fight for as much as we can to continue to develop and deliver real European added value to the citizens of Europe. The CEF guidelines on eligibility and criteria for funding have now been published. We are still in the running but we are in direct competition with other programmes in health, justice and safer internet, which were also relying on CEF. If we lose the funding, much of the hard work we have all put in will be wasted.

Everyone - partners, projects, network members - can help via the #AllezCulture campaign to win the hearts and minds of the politicians and policy makers and get across our messages about the importance of digitised, accessible culture for social, economic and unity reasons.

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